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Hello World!

06 Oct 2013

Hey world, my name is Petre, and I'm a Romanian web developer, currently working for an enterprise corporation known as Cegeka. I've got a strong passion for software development that I've been cultivating for many years, and I'm constantly exploring new technology and software solutions that make my life easier. As any modern developer, I fiddle with deployment systems, front-end development, mobile development and all of the usual suspects.

In a few hours I'll be heading off to Droidcon Bucharest 2013, after a sleep-less night in which I've been fighting my way through many Puppet extensions and missing configuration files, and I've decided to start off something that I've been putting aside for many months now - writing a bit about the stuff I do and the things that I generally find interesting.

Cogs in motion

In the past few weeks, I've started posting some YouTube videos regarding various aspects of technology, and the way we handle them at Cegeka. I've done quite a bit of preparation before recording, and the process seemed quite difficult, which made me respect that amazing screencasters in our field ever more. I really want to carry on with the process (and perhaps get some other people involved in it as well), and explore more on Symfony's relationship with Doctrine.

Symfony2 Logo

Tonight's been an interesting one, as I've been working with Puppet in a somewhat overwhelming effort to migrate my software solutions to it. After my development, staging and production environments diverted into their own configuration again and again, I felt the need for a tool such as Puppet, but for all the good it does, it's sometimes not all that nice at offering a lot of things out of the box.

Anyway, this is a first post of hopefully many, in which I'll try to explain the projects that I'm working on, the aspirations that I have and the progress that I'm currently making.

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